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    Unhappy clen and prop problems

    I am using qv prop and clen which is research. i am injecting the prop every 1 1/2 days vs EOD. That is i am injecting it at 10 am first day, 10 pm second day take a day off and the cycle starts over. here is my question: the clen is making me shake like Michael Jay Fox. Since prop is has a high frequency of injection, I am stuggling doing proper injections, that is keeping the needle steady, and it causes a really raw injection site. I keep my AAS usage on the down low, and those who do know, have no idea to give an injection, and I wouldn't trust them to use a hole puncher with paper. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions are appreciated.

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    shoot in your quad and hold one hand steady with the free hand or reduce your clen dosage untill you stop shaking

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    yea quad should be best for the awkward situation u described

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