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    cycle and accutane????

    Im about to start my second cycle in about a month and im trying to get everything together. I found a website awhile ago that sold accutane with out a prescription but now i am not able to find it. Do yall know of any sites where i could find it or could someone pm about it. Also, would it be safe to do both at the same time because im am real prone to acne on my face and i want to try to avoid it as much as possible.

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    you have to also wash your face alot with soap then. the steroids make the body produce more oil causing the acne. but sorry i cant help you out with the site, but i will let you know if i find anything

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    whats your cycle? also, are you planning on getting liver functions tests done while on accutane?

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    it is not wise to take accutane without getting monthly liver test. it is really bad on your liver and you do not want to go without the check ups.....try b5 10grams for a few months. I have done both and they work really well.

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