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    Which brand would you choose?

    What's up bros. I was talking to a new source at the gym today and I got a chance to pick between two different brands of AAS. QV or Aussie Labs. It's mainly the quality of each of their EQ's I am asking about. I have used QV deca and test, but nothing from Aussie Labs. They have the Kangaroo on the bottle BTW. Just looking for a bit of input, i'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    Sydgroup is notorious for being underdosed....... QV has a good reputation right now for the most part, I would go with them.

    And I assume you mean Sydgroup by Aussie Labs......if it says Aussie Labs on the bottle, its probably fake, I have never heard of them before. QV is also notorious for being faked, plus you are getting it from a gym and thats where the majority of fake stuff is......Be careful.

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    i have had good results with QV, never tried the aussie

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