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    help with my cycle

    I wonder if someone can help me. I planned my cycle as follows;
    250 testoviron /wk for 20wks
    400 eq/wk for 16wks
    200 winny /wk(divided into 2x) for the last 8 wks
    40mg dbol ed for first six wks

    What is the half life of eq? Should I divide it into 2 shots?
    I have inj B-12, is that 1mg everyday?How often if not?
    Any advice welcomed.....

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    if this is your first cycle drop the winny (rule of thumb one oral only) up the test to 500mg runit for 16wk.. run the eq for 15wks drop the d-bol down to 30mged winny need to be taken every your cycle
    test 500mg 1-16
    eq 1-15
    d-bol 30 1-4
    seems like your jumping the gun alittle bit (know what your putting in your body)

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    yep i agree with everything BEEF said, i too would only do one oral per cycle

    u could do 2 and be fine, but not worth it imo

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    If this is first cycle i'd said to cut down big time. You dont need much to see great result from ur first cycle. Not only would i say to get rid of the winny, i'd recommend only running the test and maybe the dbol . Also, i wouldnt run it for so long...
    1-4 dbol 30mg ed
    1-12 test 500mg ew

    Make sure ur got ur pct lined up and ready to go as well...

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    cycle help

    Thanks everyone for the info, just a few more ques...

    I have anavar as well-how much and how long?
    I was thinking about some primobolan depot as well, how much how long?
    Still cant find anyone to give me an answer on the inj B12...Help?

    Also, not my first cycle-last time had SUS for 12wks, EQ/200 for 8 wks, and Decca 200/10 wks. Gained about 20lbs.

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