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    sexual / libido problems on prohormones

    I read that prohormones can cause a loss of libido and I feel that this might be responsible for some sexual problems I have been having. I am having trouble having sex with my girlfriend even though I can get erections its finishing that has been a problem. I have done 3 cycles before, one test prop and two winny but never had a girlfriend before during this time. I hope that the problem is the 1-ad I have been taking but I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem and if they were able to cure it, I am hoping right now its a drug problem not a mental problem, that if my libido increased maybe this wouldn't be an issue.

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    I have taken pro hormones and had no problems at all, although I always cycled off with three tribulus in the morning and after lunch, also a estrogen blocker. Just make sure you cycle off just as with real roids to get your testostorne pumping again.

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    Your lack of sex drive is likely a result of the partial ihibition of your HTPA. 1-ad is a precursor to 1-testosterone and not the good ol' sex pumping Testosterone. That is why 1-ad is usually stacked with 4-ad (expensive too), which is a precursor to Testosterone. You may want to try the stack and/or run some Trib at 4g ED and see if that helps. RU feeling any lethargy or depression also? If so, it is the fact that you do not have enough natty Test in you right now. I would cycle off the pros with a PCT similar for a steroid regimen; however, since these compounds (M1T is a completely different story) arent as harsh as typical steroids your recover should not take very long at all. Even though 1-ad does not convert to estrogen, run Nolva after the cessation of cycle should be used to avoid any possible estrogen rebound.

    In all honesty, just cycle off of the stuff. Run a PCT like with regular steroids and get your natty Test up again. Next time save your money for a proper AAS cycle. Pro-Hormones are a waste of money IMO. I have heard of good results with M1T but never got around to trying it. Decided proper AAS use was the best way to go.

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    never trusted prohormones and i never will...get the the real **** and use it correctly and you'll be far better off than with that gnc junk

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    Funny how folks recite the phrase "like real roids". m1t is a steroid as it is methylated testosterone . IMHO, its just that m1t is still very new and has not gained the respect or the fda ban for that matter, so it is not respected. I have gained 15 lbs in 2 weeks with m1t and 4derm. With the later, 4derm, it is 100% necessary to use nolva as 4derm is androgenic and will aromatase. Handle it, get big. ~dow

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