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    cycle plans by dave palumbo

    well i emailed big dave and he gave me a cycle plan for my first 3 cycles and it looks like this....

    oh and I know the doses are higher then normal for a first time youser but im a big boy and i can handle it (250lbs+)

    Cycle #1
    Weeks 1-12 750mg Test Enanthate /week
    Weeks 14-17 PCT

    Cycle #2
    Weeks 1-12 750mg Test Cypionate /week
    Weeks 1-11 100mg/Deca -Durabolin /Every other day
    Weeks 14-17 PCT

    Cycle #3
    Weeks 1-12 750mg Test Enanthate/week
    Weeks 1-8 50mg Trenbolone /Every other day
    Weeks 14-17 PCT

    Cycle #4
    Weeks 1-12 750mg Test Cypionate/week
    Weeks 1-11 100mg/Deca-Durabolin/Every other day
    Weeks 1-8 50mg Trenbolone/Every other day
    Weeks 14-17 PCT

    Idk what after that

    Again I KNOW! that these are not normal plans and normal cycles, I know i dont have to inmject deca EOD and I no 750 is a hgih does to start but Dave gave me these plans and i trust him and i thought u guys would be interested.

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    Unless your using nand phenylprop that is. Maybe thats what he meant?

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    One thread not enough for you?

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