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    Supplements that I find a must when on cycle

    ALA R


    Drink Aloe Vera

    ACETYL L-CARNITINE HCl. Similar properties to carnitine, and shown by studies to protect vital organs from oxidative damage while increasing brain levels of choline acetyltransferase, improving cognitive function. It has been used with some success with Alzheimer’s patients. There are claims that testosterone production may be increased with a 1-2 gram dose before breakfast, and that it may trigger a GH release with a protocol of 500mg with 30-100mg ornithine HCl at bedtime. Latest research suggests that it may be used with lipoic acid (ALA) to protect mitochondria from damage.

    CYSTEINE, N-ACETYL- (NAC) is a sulfur-containing amino acid. A major constituent of hair, it is a potent antioxidant and an immune system stimulant. The N-Acetyl form is superior to regular L-cysteine and needs no supplemental Vit. C. It is extremely effective in detoxifying acetaldehyde found in cigarette smoke, alcohol, pollution, and Candida infection; and greatly enhances antioxidant glutathione production, (much more than taking glutathione itself!) which protects tissues (including the lens of the eye) from free radicals produced by pollution, UV radiation, and muscular exertion. Breaks up mucus in respiratory problems. Also protects against damage to mitochondrial DNA. Recent studies have shown NAC, as part of a weight training program, can prevent loss of muscle and decrease body fat

    SELENIUM is used by the body in producing a potent antioxidant enzyme, glutathione peroxidase. Studies show vastly lower rates of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cataracts, even dandruff in human populations which receive 200 mcg per day of this mineral. OPTI-SEL tablets contain 150mcg from sodium selenate and 50mcg from seleno-methionine, providing what some authorities think is the best overall mix for quick and long-term selenium protection. Doses over 1000mcg/day may be toxic.

    TAURINE. Nerve and muscle regulating, antioxidant amino acid that helps regulate electrical impulses in the body, brain, & heart. Improves endurance and lowers heart rate. Used to treat congestive heart failure in Japan. May aid muscle building through cell volumizing

    GREEN TEA EXTRACT. For those wanting to take large doses, we have a premium extract standardized to 95-98% polyphenols, about 80% catechins & >45% EGCG, with less than 1% caffeine. A group using 90mg EGCG 3x/day before meals averaged an 8.8 pound fat loss in 12 weeks

    CORDYCEPS. (7% cordyceptic acid). This cultured Chinese fungus gained fame in aiding Chinese athletes set world records. Studies have shown it to increase T-cells & natural killer cells, lower serum lipids (cholesterol, etc.) raise SOD (antioxidant) levels, improve kidney function, stimulate Leydig cells in mice to increase testosterone levels , and increase energy by elevating cAMP & ATP levels. Also noted for reducing asthma and respiratory problems due to its ability to improve delivery of oxygen in low oxygen conditions, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood supply to the brain (improving memory and mental sharpness), and enhancing sexual vigor. Once considered an “upper class herb”, new culturing techniques have lowered the cost by 200x! Dose 1-4g per day.

    MACA 4:1 extract is from a tuber of a plant from high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. Cultivated by the Incas for at least 2000 years, it has been shown to have value as a nutritive, antifatigue, aphrodisiac, immunostimulant, & tonic. The worldwide popularity of maca is growing due to its energizing effects; enhancement of fertility and sexual functioning for men & women; normalizing menstrual and menopausal function; promoting mental clarity; increasing endurance; and use by bodybuilders because of maca sterol content

    NONI 10:1 Morinda citrifolia, Hawaiian freeze-dried extract. In Hawaii & Indonesia it is used as a traditional herbal adaptogen for immune stimulation and “whatever ails you”. May have antiinflammatory effects similar to bromelain, and is said to contain Proxeronine which may induce healing and cell regeneration. Noni became very popular due to a MLM company’s aggressive promotion and many positive testimonials from users

    OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT has been shown to be an extraordinary antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal herbal product. It lowers blood pressure and blood sugar while increasing nitric oxide (NO) production and aids fat loss by promoting conversion of T4 to T3. Works at low doses, yet is nontoxic even at high doses. The extract kills viruses by inhibiting their replication, is a potent antioxidant which lowers LDL levels and builds immune function by stimulating phagocyte production. The brands we sell are processed to stay potent in the body by avoiding serum protein binding

    Tylers Liver Detox

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