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    MuscleTech affiliated with MuscleMag...

    I wasn't very surprised to find alot of people disliked MuscleTech or MuscleMag magazine as I think the two are one and the same. This isn't confirmed as fact, but a friend that trains in Brampton, Ontario (home of Muscle Mag), told me one of the guys that worked in the Muscle Mag store actually created Cell Tech. I'm not sure about Nitro Tech, but at least, it would explain why the two share similiar marketing styles. I know at least this much from experience, I bought a four pound tub of Cell Tech months ago. It was the first supplement I ever bought in my 2 years of training so I did'nt know what four pounds of creatine would look like. When I got home and opened the tub it was 1/3 full and when I counted the servings, I only recieved 1/4 of the label claim and I didn't even do the loading phase!!! I spoke to a Muscle Tech customer service rep and she told me air must have escaped the tub and the contents settled. Well, creatine is supposed to be in a vacume sealed tub so the contents don't bond and turn to rocks, I told her! She didn't "get it". After speaking to other reps I finally got one who agreed I was sold a defective tub and if the manager okayed it I would recieve a new tub of Cell Tech. That was 2 months ago and after I left the prick 3 messages he still chose to ignore me! I guess MuscleTech needed the money to run their 6 page ads more than I did. My dad, who has trained over 25 years ago told me never to trust supplement companies, I should have listened to him, I would have saved myself $75 and the grief! If Muscle Mag is affiliated with this company or is this company they definatly fucked up!! (Not to say Muscle Mag has been any good in the last 4-5 years anyway!) Peace out!! Thanks for letting me vent!! Awsome site!!

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    I feel you bro... i feel the same way. Best to do is read unbaised magazines like flex or MD to learn about supplements. I dont even know y other comp. advertise in MM since the mag looks like it should be renamed muslce tech Mag

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