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    First cycle questions?

    Well i am starting my first cycle of AS on sunday. this is what i plan to do.
    wk 1-8 sus 250
    wk 1-6 25mg dbol
    wk 9-11 clomid 50mg
    I have nolva on hand for the gyno.
    Here are my questions.
    1. What kind of gains can i get from this cycle? my training and diet are solid(they have been for a while)
    2. Will the sides be kept to a minimum?
    3. should i lay off the creatine while on AS?
    here are my stats
    age-27 ht-5'9" wt-185 bf-13-15%
    chest 46 Arms-15.5 quads-26
    training 4 years
    thanks for the advice!
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    Welcome aboard fernagol!

    If this is your first cycle I would still up the dose for your age and stats!and your starting the clomid to soon, and IMO you need to run the sus a little longer...

    Try this on for SIZE!

    Week 1-4 30-40mgs/day d-bol
    Week 1-10 500mgs/week sus
    Week 1-10 400mgs/week EQ or Deca (whatever you can get)
    Start clomid 3 weeks after your last sus shot....300mgs 1st day, then 100mgs for 10 days, then 50 mgs for 10 days

    This should be a good starter cycle for you. Don't take any nolva unless the nips start to get sore(not puffy) but arimidex would be the better choice if you can get it, if you can get arimidex then take .25mg a day for the whole 10-12 weeks...the sides will likely be very minimal if any at all...unless you consider strength and mass gains a side effect!

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