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Thread: gains on test e

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    Question gains on test e

    im gonna do a cycle of test e but i recently read somwhere that u loose most of ur gains is this true? what about side effects?

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    it all depends on what you do with it and how you come off. if you gain alot of water weight, sure you will lose alot os weight after your done. but if you do it right you should gain and keep about 15-20 lbs of lbm.

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    Gains are very keepable with proper post cycle therapy . Do you plan on running clomid afterwards? how about nolva during? These are some important questions you need to know before you start. As for sides, they vary greatly depending on the person. Some guys bloat more than others, while others breakout more than others. Some guys are even luck enough not to get sides. So it really depends. Nevertheless, the benefits of test far outweigh the sides IMO. Good luck.

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    i have never had a problem keeping my gains,the people that say they lose everything are usually the ones that just train and eat right when they are on something so when they come off of course they will lose it. Or if someone blows up holding a bunch of water and think they made these great gains but it was mostly water so when they come off they lose the water and think that they lost all this muscle.

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    i dont believe you'd lose it all, just water

    and the other gains if ur pct isnt good/u lower cals during pctr /dont train well etc

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    test e gains are very good you will lose some gains post cycle as with any steroid but if you do proper pct and eat well it will be minimal loss in size you must keep training hard and eating well after cycle also not just during cycle i have seen alot of people train and eat like animals on cycle and as soon as they are done they stop training and eating as hard and lose alot of size (they can only blame themselves) if your spending alot of $ on gear then do it the right way and dedicate urself to building an awesome body jmo good luck

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    you lose a little weight and strength but keep most of it

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