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Thread: Need Advise

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    Cool Need Advise

    Hey i need some 19 year old 2nd semester freshman at college...i play college football....i play 0line/ 6'5....280...i have good str and good body build...but im thinking of taking testotirone 50/20 this summer because of its power and how fast it gets out of ur system.....i need some advise on this....i want to get my bench back up over 500 by next year and squat over 650 so i can compete.....I need advise on cycleyes.....and what to stack with it and so forth....and how to keep the side effects looking to drop boyd fat///gain str and body weight....

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    Welcome to the board bro

    Firstly you are a bit young to do AAS and secondly you need to do some research and have a look around the board.There is a vast amount of knowledge to be read give it time and you will have some of the answers to your own questions

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    check out some of the educational threads on anti-e's and clomid, as far as the actual cycles go, do a little reading and post a thread explaining what you think you might try (dosages, duration, etc...) then ppl will start telling you what you need to change and help you out bro...

    btw- This is ONLY IF YOU ARE DEAD SET on doing a cycle right now, with your natural size at that age, you don't need juice at all if you eat right and train right IMO

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