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    Clenbuterol cycle


    I have been using clen for about 2 weeks now, 6 per day. Should I take one week off the clen, or can I just keep going. Some people I have spoken to say that you should take 2 weeks on, 1 week off and so on. In the steroid profiles, it says that it is usually taken over a period of 8-10 weeks, but should you take breaks during this period?


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    how many mg's are your clen ? also when i use clen i do 2 on 2 off but i guess you can stay on, i just dont know if it will continue to be affective you need someone with more knowledge on clen then me

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    it becomes less effective, stop for 2 weeks.. and take a eca combo for 2 weeks.. then clen again..

    2 on
    2 off
    The answer to your every question


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    Sooooooo; Hows the stuff workin for ya....Mr Vitamin...Bro.

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    Thanks guys!

    It's working great, I'm not on any steriods , but the clen is making it easier for me to keep the mass. I haven't lost to much weight, but I can se a clear difference since I started on the clen.., in other words, the clen helps me keep the muscles and burns the bodyfat! I'm on a strict diet, and I do a lot of kardiotraining along with lifting weights, which increases the effectiveness.

    I'll take your advice, and take 2 weeks off, and take som eca meanwhile!

    Thanks again


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