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Thread: first cycle

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    Exclamation first cycle

    whats up guys i started my first cycle last tuesday.
    400 mg deca p/w
    300 mg sust p/w
    6 dbol p/day

    the thing is i have a bit of a problem when should i start to notice gains and how quickly should i loose some the reason why is this. i joined a new gym and 2 weeks in i noticed a lot of police changing in uniform and it turns out its the police main gym and doest look like many civillian using it are juiceing also a good excuse for the reason why i got my gains would be helpful incase they start asking questions.
    thanks alot guys

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    I would fix that cycle a bit or your dick wont work. take the test up to 500 or take the deca down to 200

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    Canada Ehh...
    deca should be less than test

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    calgary alberta
    i would not worry about the cops that much just dont stick yourself in front of them. and if they do ask just say that you are not on it simple as that

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    lol yea, take the sust to 500 /wk and remember it needs to be shot ed or eod

    and leave the deca at 400

    6 dbol , pink thais/bd 5mg/10? either would be ok 30/60mg

    and whats the duration of each

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    just take 500mg test p/week, 300mg deca p/week, 35mgs dbol p/day. Take your sust EOD or at least mon,wed,fri, shots, and dont 4get your pct. Good luck

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    don't even talk to the policemen...if anyone asks you just deny it. Its not a big deal, just don't bring your gear to the gym and u will be fine.

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    who cares if anybody knows, just do your thing and thats that

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    Homer 8 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2004
    sorry my sust is actually a little higher than the deca .
    and im taking my shots mon/fri should i spread them out more often.
    i think they have noticed i have a big bruise on my glute from an injection but whats can they do i aint harming anyone else.

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    Homer 8 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2004
    actually maybe i need to run the sust a good bit higher cos i still aint got out of the norm horns. the girlfriend aint to happy bout that at all she tot she was in for a great time for the next few weeks

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