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    cycle help, let me know what you think

    ok, this is what i have

    4 * 10ml vials of ampliolabs tren 85mg/ml
    2 * 10ml vials of ampliolabs eq 250mg/ml
    20 vials of norma hellas deca 200mg
    10 amps of iran test E
    10 amps of nile susta

    this is probably 3-4 cycles for me just test for 1 though. what would you prefer to do? i say tren, but its the first time so i only go 1ml EOD 6-7 weeks.

    goal is to add mass ofcourse, tons of it if possible.

    cyclehistory is test dbol winny

    stats 6.1" 190lbs BF, dont know.. but probably 15-20%

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    Come up with your own cycle idea,and all can critique it then.You need to show some effort if you want help.

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