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    Question using propecia during a cycle

    I am about to start a cycle of test and eq (my first actually) but lately i have been noticing a lot of hair coming out when i brush my hair. I recently used M1T and i heard it was hard on the hair line but I don't really have a history of baldness in my mothers family so I didn't worry about it. I was thinking about taking propecia during my cycle just in case but I didn't know if it would have adverse effects or not( I seem to remember reading something about the adverse effects of hair growth supplemments when combined with certain gear). So is it harmful or not ....and is it normal to have some hairloss after a supplement like M1T. Thanks

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    no its cool bro, pick up some letrozole with finastride from a research company, it seemed to really help me out. Also, this may have nothing to do with your situation but i found when i grow my hair out longer it starts to shed, so if you happen to be growing your hair out, that can cause it.

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