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    gyno frequency now and in 60's-70's

    i know there was a few threads posted on this topic awhile back, but didn't really answer my questions. i was wondering why you didn't see any bodybuilders with gyno in 60's and 70's or really hear about it then. and now it seems like gyno is way too common occurrence now a days. i definetly like the physique's of bodybuilders back in the day compared to now as well. and they didn't even use PCT or have products available now such as nolva, clomid, ldex.... does all this gyno now a days hav't to do with dosage? diet? different compounds now?

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    Well, i believe it was to do with doses, drugs used for starters the doses used then werent as high as people use now, and there werent all these new fancy drugs so widely available i believe

    also another fact is, remember, people dont admit to having gyno, and for all we know numbers of pros may have had surgery

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    Well Einstien, Medical boy, Mods????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Diesel
    Well Einstien, Medical boy, Mods????
    Yeah, it's because they take anti-e's like you're alluding to. Sure thing.

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