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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!

    uppng and or downing fina dose 2nd question (sorry)

    I need to know something here dudes.

    I know I posted on this earlier sorta.

    but, Im still on the fence abit here.

    I have 3 30ml jugs at 66mg/ml of tren .

    Now I have done 4 shots at 66mg ed so far. I seem to be showing abit more vascularity in the forearms and I seem to be able to flex me muscles harder... but I think it could be from the increased cardio.

    my question is ... I would like to do 1 1/2 mls or 99 mg .. but I am thinking .. if I do, will the gains be that much more than 66mg .. and or will the sides be greater ... is it worth it to up that high .. if its my first time using?

    We came down to yes .. go ahead and do the 99 .. suggested by got fina (thanks) but I am wondering ... If I do that and the sides are too much .. can I dose down half way into the cycle or like in 2 weeks from start date for example ..

    i mean is that a really bad sorta thing to do?

    or if i am gonna stick with the 66mg for about 2 weeks and dont see the results I am expecting .. and I up it to 99mg at that point... is that a bad thing too?

    Im just wondering about up'ing and down'ing mid way or after abit of usage?

    thanks fellers !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by animal-inside
    try not to up and down things to much..

    you have to give tren 3 weeks to see the full effect of each dose your suggesting.

    IMO 75mg ed is the min tren dose. With tren I get the best effects when I see/feel the sides of tren... when I started feeling more aggressive and I got insomnia was when I liked the effects of tren the best.

    if your on 66mg right now and your not seeing the results you want wait until your 3 weeks into it.. THEN up the dose to 100mg... wait 3 weeks on 100mg ed before you decide its too much
    I agree..75 mgs is a great dose,100 is even better...over 100 the sides for me were HELL!!

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