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    Using Test Propionate and playing it safe! What dosage should I use?

    Hi Guys. This is basically a continuation of my Fina post, put figured nobody would read it if I replied on that old post! The reason why I am reluctant about using test on my next cycle with Tren acetate is because I have a mild gyno problem that came from a sloppy Test Cyp cycle I did 4 months ago. I was doing 500 mg of Test Cyp/400 mg of Deca and thought 20 mg of Nolva a day alone would be enough for the gyno prevention. Big Mistake! (First cycle you know? Live and learn). By the time my arimidex arrived I have already formed the so called "gyno lump" on my left chest. My gyno isn't that bad. It comes and goes depending on my body fat. When body fat is high, pecs look somewhat "pointy" , when body fat is low, pecs look normal. Would like to use test prop until I have my surgery as long as I can keep 100% of the estrogen on check. I was thinking about doing a moderate dosage, like 100 mg of prop every 3 days (ex: Mon, Thursday, Sunday....) so I can keep levels steady but that won't build up too high. Also, I heard that 50 mg of Proviron + 20 mg of Nolva/ day would do the trick as far as keeping estrogen levels at minimum. Is that right? Do I have any need to use arimidex at that dosage of prop? I appreciate any comments, suggestions or opinions. Thanks!

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    umm why not just use arimidex @ .5 mg ED and nolva @ 20 mg ed.... your def gonna wanna run the prop ED and make sure its higher than the fina dosage or there will be real point i using it (prop)
    with the ldex nolva combo at those doses you shouldn;t have ne problems... also remember b6 in order to combat prolactin from the fina....

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    get fermara instead its more effective than arimidex run 2.5mg eod and 20mg nolva I think youll be fine with estro. I got gyno also but i think it was from deca because i was lactating slighly i havent run acycle since but ima do this also and you could always go ed if really worried.

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    everyone is personal, my mate is sensitive and he uses 1mg anas and 20mg nolva a day anything less and he gets sore. For me, i hold water whatever, i have took 3-4mg day ldex and 50mg proviron and some nolva still cant hold off water, but never get sore nips. You have to judge ur own tolerance, no one can answer a thread like this, as no one is inside ur body or checking ur blood. So i would suggest, have femara, anastroz, nolva, proviron all on hand while experimenting with ur body. Find the best combination and stick with it, thats what i have had to do over the years. For some people however, its simple .5mg anastroz a day and no more probs, but for some of us, its just not like that


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    For me I just don't understand why you are evan considering doing another cycle when you still have gyno?? Apparently evan at 20mg of nolva did not help what makes you think higher doses will do the trick. I dont know but like Jason said only you can find out what may work.

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