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    Coming off third cycle

    So I had my third cycle end exactly a month ago. My cycle was 500mg test enathate/week for 10 weeks, w/ D-Bol for the first couple weeks. I gained right around 20lbs and I have only lost about 4. (Only PCT was clomid) I just started losing this past week. I figured I would lose at least 8-10lbs. But I have 2 main questions, my strength is way up now. Yesterday I benched way heavier than I did when I was on, cant figure that out, but I guess it is a good thing. Anyone ever have this happen to them? And my other question is are there really any alternatives to actual juice, I havent found anything, I just stick w/ protein and creatine, any body use anything else while not on? Thanks guys

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    Actually bro that happened to me too my first cycle, like 3 weeks after i finished i made another huge jump benching, i figured it was just brakin a mental barrier at the time. While off i do use creatine tho, it helps so why not.

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