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Thread: elbow tendon

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    elbow tendon

    I just started my cycle a week ago and my elbow tendon started giving me some problems again. I injured it like 8 months ago armwreslting and I guess it never healed right. Do you guys think I should suspend both my cycle and working out for 2 weeks or drop down to 70 percent weight of what I usually do and work through it.

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    I suffer from elbow pain right now as well. In my humble opinion I would suggest you get and MRI. 8 months is a long time for an injury to remain unhealed. You may have a partial tear and by continuing high intensity workouts you may end up with a more serious injury. Right now the prognosis for a positive outcome is high, after a complete tear the prognosis decreases markedly. I went to an orthopedic and he ordered an MRI for my elbow, I am having the test done 2 weeks from now. Its always better to know and better safe than sorry. Just my .02

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