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    Next cycle of mine...

    First off, great site here. been around the forums for a while now. didnt post much although. A regular at one of the boards.
    current stats -- 6'2, 260lbs, 25%bf. 3 cycles under the belt. Entering a cutting cycle next month. Planning ahead in the future though...Heres my next bulking cycle.

    1-14 test enan - 625/wk (1.25cc twice a week)
    15-23 test enan - 750/wk (1.5cc twice a week)
    1-5 test prop - 525/wk (1.5cc eod)
    24-26 test prop - 525/wk (1.5cc eod)
    1-14 deca - 600/wk
    15-26 NPP - 500/wk
    8-23 EQ - 600/wk
    15-26 Winny - 525/wk

    Clomid for PCT. HCG will be used throughout the cycle at 500IU e4d. Adex on hand if bloat gets too much, will start and run through whole cycle at .5mg eod

    Let me know the feedback.

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    Looks good to me, should work well for ya...Good thinking on the planning and use of different esters...

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    12 weeks of winny is way too long and too high 350mg a week (50mg ed) should be enough.

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