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Thread: Real Cyp??

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    Question Real Cyp??

    I recently ordered "eye p" Test Cyp at 250mg/ml @ 10ml vial. I've been doing more research and Cyp as an easily faked gear.
    It's coming from the UK. Does any one know if this comes in that quantity? Cost of about $70 per vial.

    Also when should I start my Clomid? 2 or 3 weeks after last injection of Cyp or sooner....

    Im running
    weeks 1-5/35mg ed of Dbol
    weeks 1-10 500mg of Cyp

    26yo, 195lbs, lifting 2 years, low body fat.


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    I get it in the 10ml vial from a diffrent country. As for the Uk I have no idea. Who make the gear? Can you post a picture? With out a picture it will be hard for anyone to tell you if it is real or not. All I know if it is real you get the stuff for less than 1/2 of what I pay for it.

    Good Luck

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    I havent received the gear yet but should arrive this week. Yeah, the price is good, if it's legit. I also have had dbol , which I've had from the same source and was legit for 100/5mg@$40.00, which is a great price too.

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    yes to awnser the one question ,start the clomid three weeks after.

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