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    Mar 2004

    My proposed cutting cylce

    I want to start a cutting cycle. Im thinking of taking 300mg of Test Ent and 300mg of Deca per week. Im also going to watch keep my diet exteremely clean. Im going to run L-Dex and nolva throughout.

    My question is do you think this is a good cycle for cutting? im 6"2 230lbs. 11% body fat.

    This will be my 2nd cycle. My first one was 500mg of Test Cyp per week.

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    Aug 2003
    I guess you could cut on that, but it wouldn't be my first option. Key is diet but those two compounds will make it a lil difficult to keep water off....

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    SKiN is offline Member
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    May 2004
    Prop/Var or Prop/winny would be a much better cutter than anythin with deca ....

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    Hugh-Hefner's-Son's Avatar
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    Hmm, usnure why would you be using these particulars for a cutting cycle?
    The test e I have seen , but with the deca too ? I am unsure.

    You say you are 6'2 11%, but what are your goals for this cutting cycle.
    I'd run a search on cutiting and check the AR homepage for some good examples and info on which AS are utilized most for cutting.

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    Wink Huggebear...

    Dude, first of all steroids will not make you shredded or are 100% good for cutting. Althou...if you still whant to use some steroids for cutting purposes, don't use Deca ,Testosterone esters,Dianabol or andriol .

    You can use Winstrol ,Primobolan and Trenbolone altogether or use two of those for a cutting cycle.

    Testosterone esters like the one you choose, will give you heavy water retention and a lot of weight gain...don't use it.

    Read up dude. You defenetly need a little more re-search. I just gave you a hint.

    Mr. Juice

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    Prop and tren -enough said.

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    Test Prop and Fina 100mg each eod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usualsuspect
    Prop and tren-enough said.

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    Allthough Deca isnt my first choice for a cutting cycle. I have done it with deca a few times allready. And considering I just received 4 bottles of Deca and 4 bottles Of test for free, I will be cutting on deca once again. You can cut on Deca as long as you use Aromitose inhibitors and Anti-E's . I will be using the same. At those doses your not gonna have a problem with estrogen.

    And like said above the water retention will be worse with Deca than with Equipoise . Its still very doable. The water will come off when you end your cycle anyways.

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    it can be done with that because it is all in the diet anyway,but if it were me i would replace the deca with tren or winny.

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