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    Let me help some of you brothers out with HAIRLOSS.

    The cruel irony of anabolic usage is that with the eye popping muscle growth will come unwanted side effects. And while our body's may looks buffer then ever our hairline can begin to take a rapid recession backwards.

    Now I know allot of bro's say just shave it bald and become a freak. And while this notion can work for some, I NEED my hair. I have been described as somewhat of a pretty body, and have even done some modeling. For me there is no choice, I cannot lose my hair.

    Now a quick recap of my life, at the age of 23 my hairline started a slight recession on the frontal corners. Nothing that someone could notice when my hair was dry and styled but when wet I could tell trouble may have lied ahead. At 23 I was still three years away from any anabolic usage. But out of fear I started an herbal mix (one that mimics proscar) and 5 percent minoxidile. Within a year my hairline was back to normal.

    I dropped the herbal mix at 25 and just stayed with minoxidile. My hairline never changed in that period. Then at 26 I started my usage of anabolics. I still stayed the course of just using minoxidile. I used anabolics for 2 years without using anything but minoxidile. Then I decided to use SUST. So I got some proscar to combat the high DHT of running a gram of test a week.

    Well within 3 weeks my hair was shedding bad. I very versed in hair loss prevention so I determined it could be the dreaded proscar shed. The first month of introducing any new drugs to your hairline can result in a discard of old hairs. But I new I needed more. My shedding had become very bad.

    I added to the mix,

    5 percent spiro and 15 percent minoxodile

    Sprio is a powerful DHT blocker that coverts DHT to estrogen. Only use spiro topically. On the scalp it can be combined with minoxidile but they cannot be used in the same bottle.

    Now this combination can cause flaking and dandruff in the scalp so get some emu oil at and rub it in twice a week for scalp help. Emu oil has also been shown to grow once dormant hairs.

    Also get some nizoral 2 percent or Dr' Lees shampoo. Use this three times a week. Dr. Lee is at

    Now as far as aas choices. Every person is different but most people do not lose their hair or see massive shedding on.


    I have found primo is not harsh at all, despite a long time myth of it being harsh.

    Winny is the worst aas on hairloss with Sust right behind. Anadrol can be really bad as well.

    EQ, Tren , dbol seem to effect different people in different way. I lose nothing on them.

    All in all it will cost you about 75 dollars a month to keep your hair if you are prone, in my opinion it is worth it.

    Go to and read about there products. They really help.
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    great info supervet

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    Very useful post bro.

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    Nice post.... WRONG FORUM.... j/k

    What if I am not losing hair but i would like to have thicker hair.... Its really thin... will the same products help thicken it up?

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    nice will help.

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    I was planning on doing a test/ deca cycle this fall. I was thinking of using some finesteride just in case. Can anyone enlighten me as to a potential interaction between deca and finesteride?

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