Hey fellas. I have run many cycles over the last two years. I took some advice from you guys after getting my ass ripped on one of my threads. I wanted to get lean and stay large and didnt want to put in the time to do the cardio. I took the advice and started really really watching what I ate and added a pretty good cardio plan to my workout. I am running two miles in 18 minutes now. I do that every other day. I also added a nice ab routine and I LOVE the results. I weighed 225 one and a half months ago. Since you guys flammed on me and got me serious about leanin up, I have lost six percent of my body fat. I am now at 12%. I am weighing in at 204. I still have some fat to lose before I will consider competing but its coming soon.

Okay, so my question is this. I want to run a cycle where i put on some more QUALITY mass but no water retention and no crappy weight i will just end up needing to lose after. I can get a sweet deal on some Test250E right now and I want to run that with Fina 80mgsED and the test 250E EOD 1cc. Will this get me some quality mass and size without the puffy water retention associated with TestE if i eat right during the cycle and keep my sodium intake to a minimum??? Help me out experts.

As always, your input is much appreciated.
Thanks again for pushin me over the edge and making me achieve my goal of a leaner me!!