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    BP too high to cycle?

    I'd like to try my first cycle sometime in the near future - possibly a basic test/deca or test/eq stack- but I'm worried about my blood pressure. My blood pressure is 140/80. I'm in my mid-twenties and live a healthy and clean lifestyle, and certainly not overweight.

    I saw a doctor about a month ago, and she didn't really say anything about my high pressure except to "watch out" for it.

    Is it safe for me to use gear? Are there any stacks that are safer for someone with high blood pressure?

    I appreciate any advice.

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    Mine is in the same ball park 140-70 and it barely changes while im on.

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    You may see an increase in BP why on cycle, but 140/80 is high but only mildly..

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    Jul 2004
    Thanks- that takes a few of my worries away.

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    Buy yourself a bp monitor for $60. Well worth it. My wife checks mine everynight just like a private nurse. lol

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    If you do decide to start a cycle,run test prop. a short acting steroid . If your blood pressure goes up....then get off and run your PCT, rather than going on deca or test E or Cyp. and waiting 3-4 weeks for it to drop back down to normal. Good Luck.

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    Just took my first injection of the cycle last night and my BP is already up. I have great success with hawthorn berry. When I first tried EQ my BP went up tp 166/90 It's usually where yours is at. Anyway, the hawthorn berry seems to keep it back at the normal range.

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