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    Y Inject./Oral Winnny Dectect. X's Differ?

    1) Does anyone know why the dectection time on a drug test for injectable winstrol is 2 months, while the dection time for oral winstrol is 3 weeks?

    2) If you were to drink the injectable winstrol, would that cut down the dectection time to the winstrol in pill form? If not, why?

    3) I don't need any input about drug testing, (it will be for NCAA), just scientific facts about the difference in detection times, and if drinking the injectable winstrol cuts down on the detection to levels of winstrol in pill form.

    4) Thank you very much for your time and input.
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    Look at the olympics, 3 athletes got caught for stanozolol already. I'd stay away from winny alltogether.

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    hey why did this guy get banned??

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