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    back to the drawing board

    well i thought i had it all lined out for a first cycle... then i went to order and my order didnt cost enough and they didnt have any of the anti e's or clomid. I have scrapped it and now am thinking of going on a m-1-t short cycle. Is it even worth it, what are the expected (keepable) gains, or should i keep trying to find a source and hit the real gear. If it is common practice to require a large order from most sources i dont think i can afford to juice. any help is always appriciated
    thanks bros


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    All the bros on here using M1T have gotten anywhere from 13-20lbs LBM and kept most of it during proper PCT. I have yet to cycle my M1T, I will in Oct. Ive heard of one particular source which will remain nameless needing a $100 minimum order, I think it was that amt, maybe $400. I forgot.

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    yea, there is definitely a minimum order from most sources which sux but thats how it goes........if you can't afford the gear now, i'd just stay hit some m1t and then save for a future cycle say this winter........

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    Ive heard of good success with several M1T cycles... Just use ur M1T cycle to get your workout/diet in check so when you do get your juice you will be ready to rock....

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