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    Shut down.... need advice quick!

    i recently completed my first cycle. It was 500mg/wk Test E(1-10), d-bol 40mgs/day(1-4), and test Prop 100mgs eod(11-14). I got great results, ending up with a 15 lb weight increase, a lot for a person that has trouble gaining weight.
    I've been off cycle for 6 weeks and i'm shut down, losing strength and more importantly lost sex drive. Will my body eventaully regulate itself? Is there anything I can do or take to help my situation?
    I did a pct of clomid and nolva for a total of 21 days. Wasn't the clomid supposed to help bring test levels up? I appreciate your suggestions.

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    Tribulis 3-5grams ED..What was your clomid dose? You may want to consider doing another round of clomid...

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    Try running some hcg with the next round of clomid

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    HCG is suppressive of HTPA. It will spark natural testosterone by means opposite of what clomid is trying to accomplish--clomid is trying to stimulate produciton of LH. HCG on the other hand imitates LH and therefore tells your body, so to speak, that it does not need any more. HCG is actually suppressive of the HTPA and will inhibit recovery during PCT.

    There only two herbs have been scientifically proven to elevate testosterone levels , tribulus terrestis and tongkat ali. I used to think Aneva Sativa (wild oats) would do the job; however, I have found contradictory evidence as to its potency. From what I have heard, Aneva frees up bound testosterone.

    Run 7g Trib ED (Im going 10ED right now until PCT is over). Take 2g of Tongkat ali ED split between two meals. You may experience hotflashes from the Tongkat at higher doses. After more studying I am starting to feel that Tongkat may actually be more powerful at stimulating LH production than Trib.

    Clomid is by far the best drug to take for recovery. Run the PCT protocol along with the herbs until your boys are back.

    Good Luck.

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