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    clen coming off bulker

    hey guys I am currently on a bulking cycle and im going to be coming off it in about 4 weeks, what my question was:

    can I be taking clen for my PCT and doin cardio only, no weights? or should I be doin weights? I just really want to lean out but i havent dont any cardio since I have started my cycle


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    You want to keep pounding the weights hard for sure. If you stop now and go right into trying to lean out like that, you will lose a lot of the muscle you just gained. Need to keep the food intake up, maybe just start eating even cleaner, but keep the cals up. I would add protien and cut down on carbs and fat while maintaining the same amount of calories. You should also start cardio now. It will help reduce bodyfat even if you are the least it will keep you from gaining much more fat.

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    Yea, make sure you keep the quality cals. up. Try and ride it out while you're on PCT before you make any moves cutting.

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    you need to eat on pct like you ate on cycle, this is what will help you keep your gains. If you didn't add much fat on your cycle, then cardio alone should help out a ton for leaning out without losing much muscle, if you do the proper cardio......check the workout forum for that.

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