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    looking for gyno

    Hey bros,

    I have lost 70 lbs in a little over two years and have a question about identifying gyno (from 280bs to 210 lbs).

    Right now I am probably around 16-18 % bodyfat. I can't seem to get my chest flatter and tighter.

    When I look in the mirror from the side (from the middle of my chest ) both pecs have some of the form of an icecream cone.

    I have never have itchy nipples, or puffy ones. When I press deep into my right nipple I feel something like a gland. My doctor said that's nothing to worry about. A lot of men develop that.

    To those who have gone from 18 % to 10 - 12 % bodyfat, does your chest get tighter and flatter? Does it make a world of difference?

    Or anyone who knows someone that has gone for 18 % to 10 - 12 % bodyfat, is there a noticable change in the look?

    I just need some motivation to keep me going. I just get demotivated when look at my chest.

    I do 45 minutes of jogging every morning, and when I see my reflection in a window or something, all I see is my chest bouncing up and down. It is really demotivating........

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    Dude, gyno aside, you have to feel so much better after losing all that weight. I would think that the satisfaction of feeling good about yourself would be motivation enough. That said, when you were heavy did you carry alot of extra fat in your chest? You may not be able to "tighten up" because of excess skin that has been stretched. I am guessing but, gyno is usually noticed as a small pea sized lump directly behind the nipple. The fact that you say you have not had nipple discomfort makes me think you have something other than gyno going on. What cycles have you run? Have you used anti e's? What makes you think it is gyno? Maybe if you post a pic some of the more experienced bros can give you better insight. Good luck.
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    seeing my chest bounce up and down in the mirror makes me feel awesome but back to your question, it doesnt sound like gyno to me either but we can't be completely cerrtain unless you post a picture if possible.

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    We have a digitalcam, but my sister took it with her on vacation. So I will post some pics when she gets back.

    Isn't a bouncing chest a sign of fat? Does the chest of a fit guy also bounce when he runs?

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    My chest is my best feature. It does bounce ,I can give everyone a laugh because I can independantly move my pecs like dancing. I have very good mind muscle/nerve control. They are not pointy.

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