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    test 200 and winstrol

    hi guys, i have actaully 2 questions.well i constantly work out and i wasnt seeing the results i wanted so i found a hookup and have placed a order for test 200 and winstrol .1 st ? is i heard that forst time users should not take that true. 2 nd ? is can i stack test with the winstrol tabs. i reallly apreciate any replies or advice.....thanks jwill

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    you would be better served stacking test with eq or deca for a first cycle.

    yes, test is a must for the first cycle.

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    Yes first time users can make decent gains without test..Alot of opinions are that we should save the test for down the road when the milder AS aren't as effective anymore...But since you've placed your order...why don't you let us know what you plan to do or achieve, do you want to bulk or cut?

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