I am back!!! been a long time since i have read through thses threads.. Its been a long time since I needed to read these thread, But now i am back on a quest for the best mose accurate information i could get. I know this is the place to get it.. I gave read through many many thread about cycles and different views on dosages.. I have something planned and i need to have you all look at it and feed me your thoguts and ideas... here we go.

I am 5 10 210 lbs bf ? not a fatty but not shreaded.
have done 5-6 cycles, some of which i abused and went way to big. I have used test eth, cyp, eq, dbol , winny, tren .

this is what i gave to work with.
18 26 weeks hgh at 4 iu fourtimes a week
40 ml test 200 eth
30 ml eq 200
30 ml tren
clomid nolva and hcg - unlimited

getting winny and am curious abd insulin . Slin scars me as I never have taken it and have heard so many mixed thoughts about it and dosages.. I was not going to run this with test as i didnt want to get massive results, I have a good base already. I am concerned about the slin because i dont want to go hypo , oh yeah, this cycle is kinda a secret from the people who i am around all of the time and i didnt want to rely on one of them if i crash..

eq 600mg week
winny 100 eod or 50 ed
test???? i am not sure if i am going to run it. if so 400 - 600 a week
tren 75 ed
hgh 4 iu mon tues thurs fri 18-24 weeks
slin???? i need help here.
nolvadex 20 mg a day, sensitive to gyno ,ay use more.
hcg?? not sure on the amounts yet.

week 1-24 hgh 4 iu four times a week
week 10-19 eq 600 mg week
week 7-19 test 600mg week
week 7-19 tren 75 ed
week 12-20 winny 50-100 ed
nolvadex 20-40 as needed.
clomid.. not sure about three weks after last inject of eq and test
hcg. not sure still looking on that.

seen alot of liquidex oin these posts but , I can not locate it. is it under a different medical name?

please advise thank you,, its good to be back!!