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    Tsh problems and t4 t3 thyroid test


    doc ran a screen... TSH came back at .03 normal area is .20-5.50

    I am currently at the end of a cycle.. with PCT starting 1 sept..

    test prop 75mg ed 1-4 and 14-17
    test enth 750mg 2x week 1-14
    eq 600mg 1-14
    40mg var 5-17
    20mg Halo 12-16
    Long R3IGF-I 25 days on 25 off x3 cycles
    nolv 10mg ed
    ldex .25 ed

    finishing a t3 cycle..

    thanks.. in advance
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    Wow... hyperthyroidism. Hrmm... maybe ask your doc about Tapazole and Inderal to treat it?

    Not sure what those would do to your gains though.

    Maybe get retested after a few weeks of being off the T3 to see what happens before persuing any treatment?

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    I got mine done this morning....I'll let you know where I am at in a week or so

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