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    Dnp, help please.

    I need advice on dnp dosages, counteraction of side effects, blah, blah, i want to finally cut to shreds, but im kinda worried bout this ****. any suggestions?

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    Read this thread. It's long, but it's good.

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    stay at 200mg/day for your first 7 day cycle with all the recommended supps and h2O. Have benedryl in case you have an allergic reaction at which point you cease immediately and get medical help if needed. Monitor your temperature. Mentally prepare by accepting that you may have to go to the hospital but it will be okay, just a bad allergic reaction or misdosed pill or something. What else could go wrong? What will your story be? the truth? At what point will you go? Prepare for these bad things ahead of time, because if they sneak up on you, you may behave irrationally and decide that even though your temp is 104 you'll just jump in a tub full of ice and cold water. Guess what? That would be an error. Immersion in the cold water will trigger many mechanisms that cause the body to attempt heat retention (You don't turn on the AC when your car overheats do you?). Instead, if you had time to research and think rationally, you'd find that it might be better to place ice packs under your armpits and in your crotch. Why? If you aren't prepared to deal with all that, just try something slower, safer, and just as effective. Life on the edge is fun, until you fall off, then you either realize you shouldn't have even been there while replaying all the dumb moves you made that led up to it-- or you laugh and remember how funny that guy in news of the weird was who attached all those weather balloons to his lawn chair and floated away, unable to hear the air traffic controllers admonishments, but having a new perspective on his small hometown, and clouds... and birds...

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