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    may sound like a stupid question

    hello all, I am a bit new to all this but have some experience at the same time, I read quite a few articles on the net, but have a few questions that I know you guys can help me with.

    when taking a cycle I hear all these comments about 1000 mg of deca a week or 1500 mg of sust, when I take gear I allways go by how many ml on the syringe, how many ml on the syringe would be 1000 mg for example, I know it probably sound stupid, but who else can I ask

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    depends on the dosage in your gear. What is the mg per ml of your gear?

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    Just incase you dont allready know this, you do not need 1,500mgs of sustanon a week and definately no 1,000mgs of Deca .

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    if the sust is 250mgs the 4ml or 4cc's would be 1000mgs

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    if you're going to do 1000mg of sust a wk, go 250mg ( 1cc ) eod, that's how i'm doing mine

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