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    Someone look this over for me please....

    How does this look? Did I phuck something up, or am I good to go?

    Dbol : 50mg ED
    Deca : 200mg EW
    Test: 300mg EW
    Nolvadex : 10mg ED
    Doing all the gear for 10weeks.

    2 weeks after cycle, start the PCT: Clomid 30mgs ED

    This is my first cycle. I am trying to bulk up as much as possible. I plan on doing this for 10 weeks, unless it should be a little longer, or maybe even shorter...

    Keep in mind i want gain lottttttsss of weight.

    Thanks bro's.

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    Either do the Deca for 9 weeks or the test for 11. The test has to be ran 1 week longer than the Deca because of the esters. PCT should start 3 weeks after Deca.

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    I would recomnend a test only cycle for your 1st go around 10-12 wks tops.....if ya must jump start it with dbol only go 30mg ed wks 1-4.

    Run the test e4d and use Pheedno's PCT 2wks after last inject.

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