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    Questions on Nolvadex and PCT...

    Dbol : 50mg ED for 5weeks
    Test: 300mg EW for 10weeks
    Deca : 200mg EW for 9weeks

    I wanna run nolvadex for 10mgs. but how many weeks should I run it?

    And PCT...two weeks after or three weeks after? How many mgs of clomid and how many weeks should the clomid be ran?

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    run the nolva at 10mg/ed throughout the cycle and do pheedno's pct

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    Bro I'm not flaming you at all, but you have asked these questions over and over tonight. If you will search in the educational forum you will find what you are seeking.

    I know for a fact that I myself have answered a few of your threads and a mod has answered you as well...please take time to educate yourself, we all have started at so point in time, and have had to do the same research ourselves.

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