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Thread: Deca/anadrol

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    Question Deca/anadrol

    a guy down the gym recomended this cycle but im in 2 minds can anyone shed some light on this stack will it provide good gains.if so at what dosages and what length of time.


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    I know alot of people who run that type of cycle and I've done it as well...Your only worry is proggestrone side effects...I don't get them but my hair will start to fall out if my deca dose is too high...I ran 100mg evd of the anadrol and 400mg week of deca and didn't have any problems...Most people probably won't either unless you are really sensitive...

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    Like Ironfist should be OK with that stack...but I could think of a few better stacks to run.JMO

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    I am using the same stack right now.. and it is working good with no side effects yet. Just make sure to have some anti estrogens handy.

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    I am just finishing up a cycle just like the one you are asking about and it was great. I gained about 30lbs. Just keep eating and keep the diet clean

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    i did the same cycle almost.. i was at 400mg of Deca a week, 100 evd anadrol , and 500mg of sus250. i went from 195lbs. to 235lbs of straight muscle. sweet as cycle. make sure to get the anti estrogen as mentioned before, and taper off so you don't have a huge ass drop off. also through in some clomid if i was you. JMO. good luck and keep us posted on your cycle and gains.

    Big J

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    hes wanting to run deca /anadrol and some of you brothers are tellin him to keep the anti'e s handy just in case..........what anti'e would that be exactly?
    the only thing i know of to combat progesterone gyno is winstrol , and thats not written in stone as of yet i believe.......maybe ru486?

    peace bb79

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    to risky... run something else.

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