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    Heart Thumping on Test

    I'm in my 4th week of 500mg/week of sustanon . I'm on a test only cycle. My heart sometimes starts thumping hard for a few minutes and then it stops. It goes on randomly throughout the day. Is this a side effect of test? Anyone else experience this?


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    Check your blood pressure. Also you could be getting some pre mature atrial or vent beats which can trigger an adrenaline rush and cause your heart to "pound". If you have any kind of valve defect....heart can be aggravated by high blood pressure causing more cardiac irritability. I'm sure your electrolytes are screwed up a little too.
    I went on a very low dose of test gel and felt like I was gonna die....of course I'm 47.....but blowing up like a big water balloon felt pretty crappy. I can't imagine what
    500mg would have done to me.....yuck

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    I had it on about 75mg of test prop ed

    cycle cut short after 3 weeks due to juggs

    either way.. nice gun

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    bro i get the same thing im on 5oomg of cyp/4ooeq, sometimes during the day specialy after events that get ur adrelane goin, my heart starts goin. i could b normal it could not b

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