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    Cool Using test will it bring back this problem?

    hey bros i was thinking of using sustanon 250 but i heard that using steroids is like puberty all over again my face is clear and i dont watn acne again do yout hink it will come back im 21 now and havent had it for 2 years...was it like puberty all over agian for you guys??????

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    I never really had any acne (thankfully) as a teen and have not had any so far. I use a loofa to really give my body a good scrub every night to exfoliate and help get rid of the oil. My skin gets oily by the end of the day. For the face I use an astringent every night. Granted I have a zit pop up now and then which I never did but it hasn't been insane. I would say that people who had it bad as a teen may have a tendancy to get it on AS easier. MY 02

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    Well, in a sense yeah! I feel like a kid again, and I LOVE IT!!! Everyone reacts differently to Test. I never ever break out while I'm on, but when I come off, I get it on my arms and back. Never my face.

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