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    Deca only cycle theory how it could work

    1 - 8 Dbol
    1 - 12 Deca
    14 - 26 Prop

    Since deca dick only sets in AFTER the deca only cycle ends, would bridging it with test reduce or illimenate deca dick?
    The good part would be a super long cycle.

    Opinions from the vets welcome, perrots be quiet.

    I'm consiedring this idea.

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    Canada, Eh
    But during those 12 weeks you won't be getting it up either

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    I have done a Deca /D-bol cycle I used both for 8-9 weeks. It wasnt that bad, But The next cycle I did was a Deca/D-bol/Test cycle and I was much more pleased with the results. I dont really see your point in bridgin. That really looks just like a long cycle. Why not use Prop/Deca/Dbol . If this is a bulker your planning youll love the results of that cycle.

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    8 weeks dbol too much
    you think deca dick sets in only after you finish the deca??? if it hits you it will take about 3-5 weeks to shrival reason not to run test the entire time....if your worried about deca dick get some cialis, run test with deca, run the test 3 weeks past the deca, and hope for the best

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    I your deca and prop together bro. They are a GREAT combination together. And, 8 weeks is too long for dbol .



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    the last time i did Deca only Deca dick set in a week or 2 AFTER the cycle ended. I thought test afterwards might be like a "picker upper".

    Just a thought. Thanks for the replies anyways.

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