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Thread: Cruising dosage

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    Cruising dosage

    I am starting my cycle today and was wondering what a good cruising dosage of test would be for like 6 weeks when cycle is complete. I wanna try this out cause I will be running a good amount of test during cycle and wanna see if cruising for 4-6 weeks would help your body get used to carrying the mass (hence retain more).

    1-4 55mg d-bol
    1-4 1250mg test e (front load)
    4-12 1000mg test e
    6-18 500IU twice week
    1-18 10mg nolva ed
    1-18 .25ml I-dex ed
    12-18 375mg test e (cruise)

    Then standard pct with nolva & clomid. Let me know what you guys think would be a good cruising dosage, I think 375 would be sufficient but not sure, guys at my gym said 200 would do it but then others tell me 400. Thanks for any info you may have!

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    I would think you would notice quite a bit of difference eventually coming down to the 375....why not leave it higher (maybe not at 1 g) but say maybe 500-600mg or something like that through week 18?



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