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    Sleepless Fina nights...

    from a scientific standpoint, what is it in fina that causes insomnia?

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    You might want to PM Einstien for this one...

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    here is a good read on Tren

    The Good, Bad and Ugly of Tren and How to Use it for the Best Results


    Originally posted by massivegmax

    Since the tren thread got a lot of responses on another board I thought I would post this compilation of...eerrr.... many things based upon personal experience and get feedback from others in a new thread since tren seems to be the most misunderstood mythical magical liquid death or whatever AAS out there.

    This thread is not encouraging you to use tren or any other AAS for that matter and the opinions are just that opinions not fact for the most part. So before the falmes fly my experience entails years of experience reading learning and using tren is just about every way possible. Experimenting with doses and such.
    Now I am not a tren monster but have done a fair share of cycles from "kitted" tren made from pellets, tren made from powder and UG Tren.


    Trenbelone is not "new" it was synthesized in the mid 1960's by Hoescht Roussel. Bodybuilders have been using it since the late 60's.

    Original Trenbelone Acetate was marketed as Finaject and was 30mg/ml. It was taken off the market in 1987, Parabolan the long acting human version of Trenbelone was trashed in 1996
    there are human studies done of course with Parabolan and most of the ones noted were on the psychological effects caused even by the long ester.

    TA is a veterinary drug and no human studies are available.
    Equipoise Boldenone Undecylate is also a vet drug but it is used more often than tren. Laurabolin is the vet version of deca -but that stuff is another story as drugs-horomones for the most part aren't species selective.

    Trenbelone is the most used and abused AAS in the US today.
    Why? because the availability of pellets and these "kits".
    Every kid and his brother not conected with regular AAS supplies or sources have access to this "wonder drug"and will eat it, snort it, rub it, and shoot it.

    The kits produce a clean but yet dirty product for the body. Clean as it may be bacteria free but contain clean contaminants or irritants.

    A. Way too much solvent is used for the body to appropriately handle safely. Most kits are a combo of BA and BB and require 10 mls for 4 grams. There is no magic solution-solvents are solvents and cause discomfort-some more than others. Solvents are about the only thing AAS are soluable in besides oil-which we know has minimal toxicity.

    Now here is the part most will disagree with.
    These kits produce about 50-70% of the dose they say they do.
    Most kits would test out at 35-60 mg per ml if that. I was going to make some and test it through San Raf, but there was/is not much support nor do I care to use these anyway anymore.
    And plus people would scream BIAS if I was involved in anyway because the magic solvents have been exposed a while ago.

    Why less than dose per ml than advertised or promised?
    Because 10 mls solvent is not enough to extract 4 grams of hormone from the pressed cellulose acetate in the pellets to which the tren is bound to.

    A friend of mine did a study years ago and he sells TP kits so he can back me up.

    He was looking at the various solvents used to extract tren from pellets and their yield.

    Each experiment was performed twice and using 2 grams pellets in 100 mls solvent coffee filtered and allowed to evap with the tren powder recovered and weighed.
    1. Ether-yielded 1.86 grams
    2. Methanol yielded 1.74 Grams
    3 Acetone yielded 1.64 grams
    BA BB was not done because of the very high evaporation points.

    So someone explain to me how 10 mls of solvent will yield 100% extraction and no cellulose will be in the end product?
    If kit makers provided you with a molecular weight syringe filter in addition to the sterile filters maybe it would be a cleaner product....

    Kits produce a very allergic, toxic product in their own even though sterile filtered and baked.

    Three toxic products from the kit that make it through the filter are the solvent, the partially dissolved Cellulose acetate, the oil and the trenbelone mix itself.

    These toxic products in the tren produce unflattering reactions in the body itself amplifying the already irritating effect of the trenbelone itself.

    I have used a lot of kits and even made my own with BA/BB and some of the most "memorable" effects were:

    1. The "Rush and Flush"-this is the allergic, almost anaphylatic reaction you get after injecting tren from a kit.
    Some of the excess solvent in the depot gets absorbed very quickly as does some of the tren. This leads to-in some-coughing fits, red face, increased blood pressure, increased body heat, headaches and fatigue or lethargy after you recover.
    Depending upon solvent levels you will have pain and swelling at the injection site.

    *I will note that to reduce these sides I have used 400mg of ibuprofen and at least 100mg of Aspirin to fight the "inflammatory effects" mentioned above. Taken 30 minutes before a pop and the sides were less noticeable.

    2. Fatigue and Lethargy, High BP, Sweating, Insomnia, Moodiness, headaches, reduced appetite, missed training sessions...basically the "Tren Flu" are all part of the tren hangover as I call it. The body is fighting a lot of the impurities as a mild infection...and the sides of the drug itself can be potentiated by all these factors listed above.

    *Some of these effects can be eliminated by using tren powder and a minimum amount of solvent-.75-1.0 ml per gram. I will post a method-nothing new-but it yields pure trenbelone acetate powder from pellets.* I'LL CHECK WITH THE MODS AND IF IT'S OK WILL POST IT IN A SEPARATE THREAD TONIGHT.*

    Tren and cancer tren and pneumonia-as in scar tissue in the lungs, tren and kidney failure, tren and sterilizing effects, etc...

    None of these have been proven, but certainly possible in the vast array of doses and tren products and methods used to make tren. Each individuals experiences will vary as the increase in the amount of the Gene Pool-(more users experimenting with tren).
    I could elaborate more but I too am unsure of the long term effects of tren-especially from "kitted tren".

    Negative Side Effects of Tren:
    High BP
    Progesterone induced Gyno-for some
    Loss of Appetite
    Night and Day Sweats
    Increased body temp, metabloism
    Tren dick
    Reduced sex drive

    Posititve Side Effects of Tren:
    Increased strength gains
    Increased muscle mass
    Decreased Catabolism
    Increased fat metabolism
    Reduced water retention
    Aggression-the good kind
    Literally a poor man's GH with more toxic sides

    After reading this list, you would be hell bent on using tren but there are ways I have found to minimize the sides and potentiate the gains and still use tren in a safer manner.

    1. Only use tren a couple of times per year with test and 1-2
    other anabolics.

    2. Use low doses-35-70 mg a day ED dosing.

    3. Cycle for short periods 6 weeks

    4. Take the necessary ancillaries

    A. Liver protection-Tyler's, milk thistle, ALA, Liv-52, Picro-Liv etc

    B. Cranberry juice

    C. Extra vitamins and minerals especially electrolytes and
    anti-oxidants Vit C Vit E etc.

    D. Double your water intake

    E. Use prescribed BP meds when necessary-don't self medicate.

    F. Use tren made from powder when ever necessary or available

    G. Don't kit your tren from pellets-use it as a last resort

    HOPE THIS theread was educational and will elicit some good feedback and more information.

    Vet@ BigdogBodybuilding
    Vet@ Anabolic Impact

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    Wow, great read, but I'm going to do Tren with my current cycle and after reading that, that, it makes me not want to try it!!!

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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    Im on my 13th shot at 100mg ed.

    I have no negative sides listed above. I may have a VERY mild headache once in a while, I have never had insomnia, I dont have any acne, I am not that angry or moody,

    mind you the only thing I have noticed is I have a slight cough for the last couple days... otherwise I am not sick at all etc .. so far (crosses fingers) I eat like a maniac, I have no problems with furnishing a wood, I have no hints of GYNO which stopped my first test prop only cycle of at 3 weeks

    I am growing .. I have put 80 pounds on my BENCH IN 2 WORKOUTS ... I know .. Im not gonna go anymore as I am sure to injure myself with a higher jump.... its bizarre. 80 POUNDS in 2 workouts!

    UNREAL, the more I work out the MORE I GROW.

    I feel pretty good... but like I said this is the 13th shot today at 100mg.

    later dudes.

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    I am growing .. I have put 80 pounds on my BENCH IN 2 WORKOUTS ... I know .. Im not gonna go anymore as I am sure to injure myself with a higher jump.... its bizarre. 80 POUNDS in 2 workouts!

    UNREAL, the more I work out the MORE I GROW.

    I feel pretty good... but like I said this is the 13th shot today at 100mg.

    I just finished my 14th shot at 75mg/day and my bench (as well as most other exercises) has gone up an Unbelievable amount in such a short time frame. I don't doubt one minute that your bench has gone up that much so quickly (80lbs). Tren , to me, is like D-BOL on steroids ...truly amazing stuff...

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    Good read jbig. Yea Im suppose to have appr 75mg/ml but some is lost during conversion how much I dont have a clue. ..I would say 10% but that okay for my purpose.

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    has anybody used tren 75 by HMP

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    Quote Originally Posted by gage5000
    has anybody used tren 75 by HMP
    Start your own thread on this.

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    Great post....

    Just FYI -- I've used Tren A quite a bit because it works very well for me when mixed with Test E..... I have noticed minor headaches, insomnia, and night sweats..I also do end up with higher blood pressure when on it so I limit it to 4 to 6 week cycles...

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