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    Funk Labs? Question

    Funk Labs has put a "Legal" form of test it's called Test 250 or TestEtherone. Can someone tell me if this is worth taking or is it just a form of "Andro" Also can I take "Clomid" while on a low level of "Deca " (100-200/ week) ? I want to keep the boys on if you know what I mean !

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    well I'm not the expert but....that funk labs stuff is crap fo sho.
    you might want to research some more before doing a cycle. I don't think you'd want deca only. If I'm not mistaken taking clomid with 1 or 200 deca/week would just help you to minimize gains and waste your money. Maybe I'm wrong?

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    Here's a little rule of thumb I like to go by: If it's legal, or if somebody sends you an email telling you about it, it's shit. JMO though. About your clomid question, why not start taking hcg mid way through and then clomid a few wks after. BTW, I know nothing about the aforementioned company, I just noticed this is the second time you posted it, so I wanted to share that with you. Hope it helps.

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    ditto on what he said

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