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Thread: Anadrol & Primo

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    Anadrol & Primo

    I'm still pretty young and i've done a few cycles here and there to try and give me an extra boost during the offseason of baseball but i am considering trying anadrol . I only wanna do a short cycle right now and i was gonna do 50 mg of anadrol a day and 100 mg of primobolan depot every 3rd day for 24 days. I read on a site that when stacking primo w/ anadrol you shouldn't see too many bad side effects. But i was wondering what you guys think bout results and side effects with this short cycle.

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    lol you are so going to get flamed man.. sheet.

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    Whats the reasoning behind wanting to do a short 24 day cycle. If you fill us in we can help you come up with a better option.

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