Whats up guys. Im new to the forum but not to bodybuilding. Neways I just started a cycle of Clen yesterday and I thought i would keep you informed.

I am taking liquid clen, im going to do a 2 week on/ 2 week off cycle. I started with 40 mcg yesterday and am working my way up to my limit by 10 mcg a day. Today I took 50 mcg, felt good very little shakes, and i felt like i sweating a little more throughout the day and my heart was beating faster. No headaches or cramps. Im also taking 3gs of taurine a day and eating a few banannas for potassium. This is my frist cycle of clen, ive been using ephedra regularly and decided to try something new, because i really wasnt very fond of the ECA stacks. A little about myself im 5'11" and around 13% bodyfat. My diet is pretty clean, but not perfect trying to do 40/40/20 diet. Neways Ill keep u guys informed of my progress.