Hey guys.

I know lots of bros on this board are conservative, especially about dianabol use, but I wanted to let everyone know that its effects on the body are not as treacherous as some make it seem, even at high doses--if you use them with good liver protectors.

I don't need anyone replying to this post with comments like "That's a ****ing crazy cycle... do you have a death wish?" I'm just going to describe something dangerous that I did and list the results.

Anyway, I took 40 milligrams of dianabol and for six weeks, and in the last three weeks also took 40 milligrams BD anavar daily. (Not that this is relevant, but I was also taking depot testosterone at 250 milligrams weekly.) I then took a week break and, following that, did a two week clen cycle.

I ran adex, throughout. This nine week springe was the main part of a four month cycle in which I reached crazy high levels of testosterone .

Throughout and for a week after I discontinued all orals, I took the following liver-protection supplements:
NAC 1800mgs daily
Vitamin E 2 grams daily
Milk Thistle 2 grams daily
Centrum Silver Multivitamin
GNC Liver Protection Formula

I also took Propecia to lessen the effects of increased DHT on the prostate and to prevent hair-loss.

I don't think there's such a thing as overkill with liver protection.

Anyway: my cycle has ended three weeks ago, I got some extensive labwork done, and EVERYTHING is normal.

This is not to say I recommend doing what I did to anyone else--I understand there are huge risks attached to it--but consider this food for thought.

-The BILIRUBIN is just 0.4, which is low normal. This indicates no liver damage.
-The BUN is 14, which is low normal. This indicates no kidney damage.
-The ALK Phosphate is 81, which is normal. This indicates no liver damage.
-The Albumin is 4.5, which is at the upper range of normal. (This isn't a liver value... it's how much protein is in the blood. It's probably high normal because of latent protein synthesizing effects of dianabol.)
-My TOTAL TESTOSTERONE (measured one month after the last injection and two weeks after the last oral steroid but WHILE taking Clomid) is 636, which is in the optimal range.
-The only thing that's bad (or rather that I don't understand) is that My FREE TESTOSTERONE is low normal at 13.7 PG/ML (does anyone know what this measurement means?). The range for it is 9.0 - 47.0 in PG/ML.
I also had my LH measured, and it is 16.6. This is almost double the normal amount of LH for men, which is probably due to my having been on Clomid when I got the bloodwork done. So my balls are flexing like Schwarzenegger.

Anyway, I hope my dangerous experience helps some receptive bros. I took a risk and did something that most people would consider stupid (running a bit more than two months of orals mid-cycle at pretty high doses), and I'm perfectly healthy since I did it with good sides and STOPPED when I felt too much stress on my body. If it'll help anyone, I can take a digi. pic of the labwork results so you can see that literally everything is normal--and the doc. ordered A LOT of ****in tests.