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    still sick as hell, is this from the test

    well its week 4 of test and eq, i have been stuffed up and fatigued all week. i started coughing really hard yesterday, i am off to the doctor right now, can i take the z-pack with steriods for the cold. i am coughing my head off. plus i am going to see if he will give me a shot of vitamin b 12. thanks for any info. the z pack is just an antibiotic you take for 5 days. good stuff

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    zpack im assuming is zithromax... its only a few days worth so put off the shots for a bit and up ur vitamin C. what test are u taking?? u might have test flu.

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    z pack is horrible. during the winter i had bronchitis real bad and i had a total of 3 scripts for the z-pac and it did **** for me. i would pick up some goldenseal and echinacea. thats the only thing that helped me out

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