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Thread: Anavar

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    I am currently taking 60mg of anavar a day with Deca .

    1. When is best time to take the Var, and should I take it all at once or split it up throughout the day?

    2. How much milk thistle should I take per day, and is cranberry extract needed?

    Thanks in advance

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    I hate to hand out advice about something that I have no direct experience with, but since nobody has replied, I'll tell you what I think FROM WHAT IVE READ.

    (for best results)
    1. take var in the morning, or split it up.... don't take it all at night

    2. use ALA, primrose oil, glutamine and N-acetyl-cysteine if you want max liver protection.. There is alot of debate about the true worth of milk thistle and its possibility of lowering gains...

    like i said, i have no expereince with this and these are just my best opinions... do some more lookin if you want to be sure.

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